How Kaiser Cured Himself

How Kaiser Cured Himself
“Kaiseer,” the cat, came limping home one morning. The children saw that one of his paws had been badly hurt.
“He must have been caught in a trap,” said Ben.
“No, I think some bad dog has bitten him,” added Alice.
Poor Kaiser looked sad, but could only say ” Mi-ew ” to all their questions .His foot was very sore, and did not get well as quickly as it should. He could hardly move, and refused to eat even the nice warm milk Alice gave to him.
” I don’t think he will ever get well, if he stays under the stove so much,” said mamma.
But Kaiser liked the heat, and would not go out-doors. He grew very sick, and papa said, ” He must be taken away.”
One morning, as Alice opened her eyes, she heard his voice, saying, ” Well, John, have you brought the bag, and did you put a stone in it ? “

Alice jumped up quickly, ran downstairs in her bare feet, calling, ” Papa ! Papa ! don’t take Ki away in a bag.” She saw her darling pet under the stove ; but there was John in the shed, with a bag in
which to put poor Kaiser. ” Do let him live a little while longer ; he will get better,” cried she.

Kaiser came out from his resting-place, went- into the shed, looked at papa and John, smelt of the bag, and walked slowly out into the garden. He at once began to dig a hole in the ground, and after it was big enough laid himself down in it. Then he scratched the dirt up all around him. He had made a nice, cool nest. The brown earth was a good medicine for his swollen leg. The wise cat knew how to cure himself. So Kaiser did not go in the bag, but lived to a good old age.

How Kaiser Cured Himself : full text very old story.

How Kaiser Cured Himself


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